1341   Attribute Owner is missing in GetBRCBValues services

This tissue has following status: green

Created: 04 Jan 2015


Page: 112



Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: The Optional attribute Owner is missing in GetBRCBValues/GetUBRCBValues

Proposal: The Optional attribute Owner should be added in GetBRCBValues/GetUBRCBValues services as it will help the engineer to know which client is associated with the RCB.

The same has been added in Table 61 Clause 17.1.2 of IEC 61850-8-1(ED2)

Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
ballot expired 08 Jun 15 green
accepted 23 Apr 15 final proposal 2015, Mai, 23rd

It has already been corrected in the next revision of 7-2.

Note that:
- the Tissue #1127 already correct the BTS / UTS definition,
- the ControlBlock attribute owner was always defined in the BRCB and URCB class definition and therefore mapped to 8-1.
09 Jan 15 red


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