1332   A logical device may contain at most one LPHD

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Created: 20 Nov 2014


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Issue: Edition 1 (Clause clearly specified that a logical device must contain one LLN0 and one LPHD.
In Edition 2, there is no more constraint on LPHD.

Proposal: If the logical device is a root logical device, then the logical device must contain one (and only one) LPHD.
Otherwise, the logical device may contain 0..1 LPHD.

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The LPHD presence condition has been removed from 7-2 in Ed2 to 7-1 by purpose, since the Logical Device hierarchy was introduced in ed2 making the madating of LPHD in every logical device over-engineered.

See 7-1 Ed2 Clause 8.2.3.
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