1304   Error in the SCL object model

Created: 03 Sep 2014

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)


Page: 22

Clause: Figure 6

Paragraph: 6.1

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


In figure 6 it is shown that one access point can have zero or more servers. In addition one IED can have 0 or 1 server. That means that one access point must cover several IEDs and I do not believe that this is the idea.
So something must be wrong.

In figure 19 an IED can have one or several access points and each access point can have 0 or 1 server or 0 or 1 serverAt.

There is no direct relation between IED and server and therefore it is hard to define if there is a limitation on servers in the IED.


Agree if one IED can have more than one server and update the document accordingly in the next version.

Discussion Created Status
15 Oct 14 In Force (green)
11 Sep 14 Ballot Period
Accepted to revise figur 6.
An IED can have more than 1 server.
A server can have more than 1 access point.
An access point can belong to no (client access point) or one server.
03 Sep 14 Discussion (red)


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