1293   Behavior of client if time quality is invalid

Created: 30 Jul 2014

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 8-1 (2011; Edition 2)


Page: 54

Clause: 8.1


Category: No impact on this part


In 8.1 part with table 32 we have different value of time quality and its meaning.
We can see value "11001" or "11110" with the meaning "invalid".

It's not explained in 8.1 or 7.2 what happen if time quality is invalid at client level.
If time quality is "invalid" attribute "ClockFailure" is TRUE?


Clarify what happens if "Time quality" is "invalid":
1) shall timestamp be ignored by client?
2) attribute "ClockFailure" is TRUE?

Discussion Created Status
09 Dec 14 In Force (green)
The behavior of the client is typically outside of the scope of standardization of 61850. There may be exceptions, but for this case, the behavior is truly client user/application driven and should remain out-of-scope of 8-1. 01 Aug 14 Ballot Period
Clients run applications.
How Clients are sensitive to time stamp depends on the application they are running.
61850 is about defining the communication interface and not the implementation. A client could decide for instance
- to overwrite the invalid timeStamp with the information time stamp,
- to archive indication with invalid time stamp with client internal time stamp indicating a clock failure,
- declare the indication invalid
31 Jul 14 Discussion (red)


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