1233   instMag=0 impact on CDC=SAV

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Created: 01 Apr 2014


Page: 35

Clause: 7.4.4

Paragraph: Table 32

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: The instMag can be zero due to:
1-The actual value of the instaneous value can be 0(zero) which is ok OR
2-There are no Sampled Measured Values being recieved.

For the second reason there should be an impact on the quality 'q' data attribute of CDC=SAV perhaps being set to invalid.

Proposal: Table 32 should have a DEFAULT value for q for no instantaneous values being recieved e.g. 'DEFAULT = Invalid' in the 'Value/Value Range' column of Table 32. This way we know that we have no instaneous values present as oppose to a real 0(zero) value where 'q' would no longer be defaulted to invalid.

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ballot date expired 08 Jun 15 green
Proposal: No Change required 24 Apr 15 final proposal 24.5.2015
I fully agree with Christoph 14 Apr 14 red
Table 32 and the CDC SAV have nothing to do with receiving Sampled Values. This CDC is about SENDING sampled values.

If for whatever reason, the device that sends out the sampled values does not have any measuremend available to produce the values, it obviously has a invalid Signal; I think this is already by Definition clear that in that case the q has been set to invalid.

Proposal: No Change required
02 Apr 14 red


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