1231   Expand List of Time Sources beyond SNTP to match Part 7-4

Created: 28 Mar 2014

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 8-1 (2011; Edition 2)


Page: 119 & 30

Clause: 21

Paragraph: 1

Category: Issue for edition 3 of this part


At present we only consider SNTP as a Time Synch profile in Part 8-1. The problem here is that we have an inconsistency to Part 7-4 which makes use and references both 'SNTP-dotted-IP-address' and '1588' for PTP. To bring this in line there is a need to update Part 8-1 to include the other used Time Synch sources possible, which is what has been done in Part 7-4 with the TmsSrcSet value being '1588' or SNTP dotted IP.


Include other Time Sources, namely IEEE 1588 which is referenced in Part 7-4 LTMS DataObject TmSrcSet description.

Discussion Created Status
09 Dec 14 In Force (green)
For Edition 3, we will need to enter a tissue on 7-4 so that the various version of 1588 are supported. Strings that are not standardized in 7-4, are not in scope of 61850-8-1. Time sync mechanisms, not specified in 8-1, should be used at your own risk. 01 Aug 14 Ballot Period
To outline what is useful and ultimately required:
I can see we will at least have SNTP (already presented) and 1588 (7-4 stated), but I want 8-1 (and 7-4 where TmSrcSet is specified) to also include and consider IRIG-B. The value of TmSrcSet should be limited to these. 3 time sources - SNTP, IRIGB, 1588.
09 Apr 14 Discussion (red)
IEEE 1588 is not yet specified in 8-1. WG10 decided to rely on IEC 62439-3 Annex B "Utility Profile" since redundant attachment of clocks to PRP and HSR is not supported in IEEE C37.238. IEC 62439-3 uses the basic operating mode of IEEE 1588, so it will be referred to as "IEEE 1588 utility profile". This standard has been extended to support the "grandmasterShortID" and should be published this year.
The introduction of IEEE 1588 UP requires changes in several parts of 8-1, e.g. Figure 1, 5.3, Clause 21 (on page 113, not 119).
All IEDs will have to support both SNTP and IEEE 1588 UP, the choice of the synchronization method being left to the network engineer.
There is no technical justification to support IEEE C37.238 in addition.
29 Mar 14 Discussion (red)
IEC 61850-90-5 introduces the 1588 as time synchronization.

Adding 1588 as time synchronization will be considered in the next revision of 8-1 accroding to the WG10 decision.

The tissue is not an Interop tissue.

The only Ed1 and Ed2 mandatory TimeSynchronization is still SNTP as stated in both 8-1 Editions.

It is however unclear for the next revision of the standard, if the IEEE C37.238 power profile will be referenced or the IEC 62493-3.
28 Mar 14 Discussion (red)


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