1226   Non-volatile memory and relay test set

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Created: 11 Mar 2014


Page: 54

Clause: Table 20


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: The table 20 defines for each FC if the values have to be stored in non-volatile memory or not. For Edition 1 the table also specified that the GOOSE control block and sample value control block needs to stored in non-volatile memory. The issue is that this is a very valid requirement for "real" IED's however is not valid for "test equipment". For example after a reboot a relay test set needs to be configured again before sending GOOSE or sampled value messages. Considering utilities require relay test sets to be certified as well as real IED's we (the UCAIUG) can't issue certificates now for test equipment.

Proposal: 1) Specify that GOOSE and Sampled value control block configuration shall be non-volatile for "real" devices (not for "test equipment" like relay test sets)

2) Add a note to the table clarifying that the non-volatile memory requirement applies to "real" IED's only and not for "test equipment" like protection relay test sets.

Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
no change in 7-2. 09 Oct 14 blue
Move proposal to part 10. 08 Oct 14 final proposal 7 Nov 2014
Defining test requirements for particular device types should be in part 10, not 7-2. 01 Apr 14 red
In general, everything in IEC 61850 which goes beyond pure communication protocol specifications and is not explicitly stated otherwise applies to IEDs used for the operation of a utility automation system (this also includes the requirements of parts 3 and 4). From this it should be clear that test equipment as IED is out of scope. As UCA defines IED conformance tests, it could also be their task to set up requirements for test equipment - if needed... On the other hand, I do not really care how test equipment is built, as long as it can be used to correctly perform the needed testing tasks. 13 Mar 14 red


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