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Created: 03 Mar 2014

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)


Page: table 11

Clause: 9.3.2


Category: No impact on this part


Some systems have no fixed limits on maxAttributes and prefer to skip these parameter in the IED services - ConfDataSet - DynDataSet and/or ClientServices capability. The SCL engineering tool and client needs this parameter to prevent issues with configuring datasets. Is it allowed to skip this parameter? Shall we assume a minimum default value?


I propose a minimum default value in case this parameter(s) is missing. For example a typical value for dataset elements is 50. In case the actual value is less the system shall specify the maxAttributes parameter.

Discussion Created Status
05 Aug 14 In Force (green)
A default value is not introduced, as this might lead to wrong engineering. Instead it is strongly recommended to specify this parameter for Ed2 IEDs. 26 Jun 14 Ballot Period
maxAttribute is a tricky one. As it means this is the value for each of the data set that can be created.
Memory limitation of device are here the issues: (max * maxAttributes) is what the device is really capable of.

14 Apr 14 Discussion (red)
I agree with Chris 04 Mar 14 Discussion (red)
I disagree with the concept of default value here, esp. for backwards compatibility reasons. You cannot assume that the device supports this much. If the information is missing in the ICD, the limit is not known and the engineer needs to refer to the IED's manual.

Nonetheless, I think we should make this information mandatory in Ed. 2 (at least Ed. 2.1) devices. However, this cannot be made mandatory in the schema as it must allow the description of existing devices.
04 Mar 14 Triage


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