1220   Data attributes with trgOp=dupd

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Created: 27 Feb 2014





Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: For CDCs INS,ENS,HST,MV,CMV the TrgOps of the "information-holded-attribute" (stVal, mag, cVal, ...) were extended with Data-Update-TrgOp (dupd) additional to Data-Change-TrgOp (dchg).

For the CDCs SPS,DPS and the corresponding controlable CDC of the written above is this TrgOps missing!

Proposal: add the TrgOps dupd to:

SPS.stVal / SPC.stVal
DPS.stVal / DPC.stVal

Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
ballot date expired 08 Jun 15 green
will be applicable for Edition 2.1

Proposed solution:

Add Trigger Option dupd to stVal of INC
24 Apr 15 final proposal 24.5.2015
The Ed2.1 of 7-3 defines the stereotype <<statistics>> for the CDCs which can be instantiated within the derived statistic context.
Further trigger option dUpd are required in the <<statistics>> stereotype and will be implement in Ed2.1.
SPS, SPC, DPS, DPC and ENC do not follow the statisctic stereotype. No requirement for dUpd found.
INC follow the statisctic stereotype. Requirement for dUpd found.
05 Mar 15 red
Please give an example for an information of CDC INC, ENC where you think "dupd" is necessary. Please consider also part 7-2 chapter A control request should change the controlled status- than dchg; if the control request goes to the same status value, it will be rejected by control machine. 23 Apr 14 red
Why is "Changing their value to the same value is not a changing state" for CDC INC & ENC but for CDC INS & ENS it is a changing state

This is not intuitive!
23 Apr 14 red
I disagree with the proposal. stVal of SPS, SPC, DPS, DPC, INC, and ENC were not extended on purpose.
1) SPS, DPS, are most likely to be use in GOOSE communication and having a data change in the model (FALSE to TRUE, TRUE to FALSE) allow to have states to be tranmitted (FALSE to FALSE, TRUE to TRUE are not state changes - neither state updated).
2) SPC, DPC, INC and ENC are controllable. Changing their value to the same value is not a changing state; it is not an updated state neither: there is no change.
14 Apr 14 red


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