1204   Underscore in names

Created: 22 Jan 2014

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)


Page: 109

Clause: Annex A

Paragraph: <xs:simpleType name="tRestrName1stU">

Category: No impact on this part


Different parts of the standard contradict each other on whether underscore is an allowed character in a data object and data attribute name.

61850-7-2 © IEC:2010(E) clause 22.2 "Referencing an instance of a class" states lists the characters allowed in names, and that list includes the underscore character.

61850-6 © IEC:2009(E) clause 9.5.2 "LNodeType definitions" shows that the DO name type="tRestrName1stU", and Annex A (normative) "SCL syntax: XML schema definition" shows tRestrName1stU has pattern [A-Z][0-9,A-Z,a-z]* (i.e. no underscore allowed)

SCL_BaseSimpleTypes.xsd version="3.1" Release 2013/09/18 also shows tRestrName1stU has pattern [A-Z][0-9,A-Z,a-z]* (i.e. no underscore allowed)

The same issue exists with tRestrName1stL

Both part 7-2 and part 6 allow underscore in IED names, logical node instance names and in logical node prefixes, so for consistancy part 6 ought to follow part 7-2 rather than the other way round.

Although parts 7-3 and 7-4 do not use underscore in names, extensions according to part 7-1 may.


Change the pattern for type="tRestrName1stU" to [A-Z][0-9,A-Z,a-z,_]*
Change the pattern for type="tRestrName1stL" to [a-z][0-9,A-Z,a-z,_]*

Discussion Created Status
7-2 clause 22.2 also states that LN class names shall only be alpha characters. Unfortunately this has not been explicitly stated for DO names and attributes, however this was also the intention and is therefore modelled in part 6. The underscore is ONLY allowed in those name parts left completely free for users. For user defined LN classes and DO names the same restrictions as for standard defined LN classes and DO names are valid, and user defined attributes are with Edition 2 not allowed at all. Therefore no change in part 6. 23 Jan 14 Not Applicable


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