1183   Power level to activate volt-var function

Created: 28 Oct 2013

Status: Ballot Period

Part: Part 7-420 (2008; DER)



Clause: 90-7 Clause 6.2.2


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


There is currently no way to activate and deactivate the volt-var mode (and possibly other modes) based on power output of the DER.


Add activation and deactivation objects to FMAR that provide % real power trigger points.

Discussion Created Status
Decision at WG17 meeting Frankfurt a. Main (2015-06-25):
Several DOs proposed by Frances Cleveland shall be added to the WG17 UML model.
=> DO DOPM.OpModVVAr (Description: "Mode of operation – volt-var control enable/disable") added.
Will be included in coming CD 1 of IEC 61850-7-420 Ed. 2.
10 Jul 15 Ballot Period


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