1179   bufTm is not named consistently

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Created: 21 Oct 2013


Page: 192 DIN EN 61850-7-2

Clause: Annex B.2


Category: No impact on this part

Issue: The attribute bufTm is defined by the CDC as "bufTm" whereas it is defined as "bufTime" in the XML-Schema (xsd). 61850-6, Table 23 even refers to 7-2, but in 7-2 the attribute is called "bufTm", not "bufTime".

Proposal: Either rename "bufTime" in 61850-6's schema to "bufTm", or rename "bufTm" in 61850-7-2 to "bufTime".
Another (probably easier) alternative would be to clearly point out that both attribute are meant to be the same. Ideally both documents should refer to each other with a remark.

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Part 6 define in Table 23: bufTime - Buffer time - see IEC 61850-7-2; default 0.

Part 7-2 defines the attribute of the report control block in - BufTm - buffer time.
I agree that the relation should be clear.
29 Nov 13 blue
Both, the RCB property bufTm and the SCL parameter bufTime refer to the definition in 7-2 under the header 'buffer time'. Thus the relation should be clear. 24 Oct 13 red


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