1168   doName and daName of ExtRef

Created: 03 Oct 2013

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)


Page: 86

Clause: Table 33 – Attributes of the Input/ExtRef element

Paragraph: Definitions of doName and daName

Category: No impact on this part


Should the doName and daName of ExtRef match those of the FCDA of the published dataset? Consider the foll. example: -
Let a publisher IED have the foll. Dataset definition.
<DataSet name="Dataset1">
<FCDA ldInst="Measurements" prefix="CliMsi" lnClass="GGIO" lnInst="1" doName="AnIn1" daName="mag.f" fc="MX" />
(As per the definitions in Table 22 – Attributes of the FCDA element, the doName contains all name parts, separated by dots (.), down to (but without) the level where the fc is defined and daName contains all name parts, separated by dots (.), starting at the level where the fc is defined i.e., starting with 'mag' in this case.)

Suppose a subscriber IED subscribes to this attribute. Should its ExtRef element then have doName="AnIn1" and daName="mag.f" as in the FCDA of the dataset? Or can it have doName="AnIn1.mag" and daName="f" going by the 'tFullDOName' definition in the 'SCL_BaseSimpleTypes.xsd' Edition 2 schema file?


This is a question.

Discussion Created Status
As explained below, mag does not belong to the DO name - it is (part of) the attribute name. Therefore doName="AnIn1.mag" is not allowed. 16 Oct 13 Not Applicable
As specified in part 6 edition 2:
doName - in case of structure DO, the name parts are concatenated with dot.
AnIn1.mag is not a DO. AnIn1 is an MV and it does not contain subDataObject - see CDC definition.
doName can only contain names of DataObject, or SubDataObject.
daName can only contain names of DataAttribute (DataAttribute may be constructed).
14 Oct 13 Discussion (red)


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