1092   NewEntrTm and OldEntrTm Type in LOG Class

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Created: 12 Apr 2013


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Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: LOG class defines the attributes:
NewEntrTm and OldEntrTm and types them as tiemStamp.
However, the Entries has a TimeOfEntry of type EntryTime, and the QueryLogByTime, and QueryLogAfter service specifies a parameter RangeStartTime as
"The first log entry selected shall be the first entry in the log with a TimeOfEntry greater than or equal to the RangeStartTime"

Proposal: Change type of NewEntrTm and OldEntrTm to EntryTime.

BTW, no need to set to interop tissue because:
8-1 already is using EntryTime as type for those 2 LOG attributes.
8-1 does not map the CDC OTS.
8-1 is currently the only SCSM.

E2 classification is enough.

Discussion Created Status
Ballot until Editor
23 Sep 13 green
final proposal:
LOG Class definition - type of the attributes OldEntrTm and NewEntrTm is EntryTime
OTS Class definition - type of the attriibutes oldEntrTm and newEntrTm is EntryTime
OTS Class definition - type of the attribute rangeStrTm and rangeStpTm is EntryTime
15 Aug 13 red
This issue has already been signalled in 8-1,
so it can be taken as solved there also.
Somewhere, it should be stated that EntryTime is a time that has only a local value. All global time definitions are per "timeStamp".
12 Apr 13 red
Accepted 12 Apr 13 red


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