1048   Need a way to indicate if MinTime,MaxTime,FixedOffs are present in GOCB

Created: 19 Mar 2013

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)


Page: 63

Clause: Table 11


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Part 8.1 defines three optional attributes MinTime, MaxTime, FixedOffs in the GOCB structure.

SCL does not define if this information is present or not, so the clients need to access with GetDataDirectory to know the structure

It is the similar to tissue #807 applied to GOCB.


Please, add boolean attributes "minTime", "maxTime", "fixedOffs", with default value "false" to the GSESettings element in tServices to handle this situation.

Discussion Created Status
Control blocks are tied to services. If services (or control blocks) have optional fields, any client must be prepared that they exist in the message or they do not exist in the message.
As the IED part of SCL always describes one IED of a specific type, the IED will always handle the optional attributes the same way. Naturally if you simulate some server e.g. based on its SCL description, then you must always be aware that the simulation does not 100% mirror the original IED.
17 Oct 13 Not Applicable
The SCD file should be able to describe exactly the MMS information model of the IEDs.

If a SCL file does not include information about the presence of the optional fields of the control blocks, two servers can create different MMS models using the same SCL file as input.

This will be a problem for clients that use the SCD file instead of online discovery for accessing the controls blocks.

07 Oct 13 Not Applicable
The fixedOffs capability exists already in Ed2 SCL.
minTime / maxTime have no other purpose than to inform about the minTime and maxTime associated to a GOOSE. They are only informative.
Therefore the online discovery of them is sufficient.
03 Jun 13 Not Applicable


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