1041   LTS and OTS mapping

Created: 15 Mar 2013

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 8-1 (2011; Edition 2)


Page: 71

Clause: 15.5 and 15.6


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


IEC 61850-7-2 Annex B includes a normative example of the control service tracking in a SCL file. The result of including this in a 61850 server will generate two MMS Named Variables, one for the LTS and one for the OTS cdc.

IEC 61850-8.1 specifies a completely different approach to combine LTS and OTS in a MMS Type definition.

It seems that the same approach that has been taken with the LOG class and LCB class (, is now applied with these two service tracking CDCs.


The specification of mapping of tracking services CDCs is not needed at all. They shall follow the same procedures as any other Common Data Class.

Only if 8.1 requires to add new structures to a data class, as in the case of the commands with the "Oper", "Cancel", "SBO", or "SBOw" this should be declared in 8.1

As a minimum, LTS and OTS mapping described in 15.5 and 15.6 should be changed to two different MMS type definitions with the attributes specified in IEC61850-7.2.

Discussion Created Status
Additionally the OTS CDC is removed from 7-4, and therefore not mapped at all. 05 Dec 13 In Force (green)
The LCB of 7-2 has been mapped to an 8-1 LCB.
The LOG of 7-2 has been mapped to an extension of the 8-1 LCB:
8-1 LCB includes additional attributes oldEntrTm, newEntrTm, oldEnt, newEnt.

Theses SCSM specific attributes have therefore been added to the mapping of the CDC LTS.

My proposal: the DOType in SCL representing LTS shall include the additional SCSM attributes with an indication of the ProtNs the attributes have been specified by, the same way Oper, SBOw, SBO, and Cancel have the ProtNs element.

Example for adding additional attribute to the DOType:
<DA name="oldEntrTm" bType="EntryTime" fc="SR">
<ProtNs type="8-MMS">IEC 61850-8-1:2007</ProtNs>
11 Apr 13 Discussion (red)


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