Technical Issue Subject Cat Status
Page Clause Paragraph Created Proposer
1637GoEnable Ed2 blue 11515. 08 Nov 18 M. Kazemtabrizi
1628Sampled Values subscriber-publisher definitions should be part of the SCD and not a mere parameter s Ed2 white 10 Apr 18 Y. Arnab
1627Non availability of Sampled Values Subscription conformance test procedures Ed2 white 10 Apr 18 Y. Arnab
1510The comma in "<xs:pattern>" Ed2 blue ManyManyMany 15 Sep 16      
1508TR 90-2 Duplication of LDeviceOverride Ed2 red 175Annex D 02 Sep 16 T. Paukatong
1505Requirement of Detection of duplicate GOOSE message by a subscriber IED Ntp red 04 Aug 16 C. awasthi
1494Edition 2 (GOOSE): Is it mandatory to subscribe to FCDs? Ed2 blue 19 May 16 J. Lopez Sarralde
1484Revised title of the Standard Ed2 blue 22 Mar 16 R. Hughes
1479Sending BitString Data in the GOOSE message Ed2 blue 03 Mar 16 V. Gowda
1418RCB Ntp blue 7-2 30 Jun 15 A. ankur
1408regarding Report Control Block Ntp blue 7414.2second 10 Jun 15 A. ankur
1315Tissue category Ed2 white 08 Oct 14 S. Zeng
1302IED works as a switch if having redundant FO port Ntp blue 25 Aug 14 C. tiwari
1246Object reference of Data Ed2 blue 22 Apr 14 B. Babu
1230Mandatory types in data-set Ed2 blue part 6, 7-2, 8-1 26 Mar 14 R. Schimmel
1159SCL 2006 Schema Ed2 blue 17 Sep 13 F. chen
1045IED Status Bit info from ICD File Ntp white 18 Mar 13 C. tiwari
1039IEC61850 editions validity Ed2 blue 13 Mar 13 K. Pasierbski
1034ICD to SCD conversion Ed2 blue 03 Mar 13 C. tiwari
1002Hi Mr. Shah, I got good IEC silumator on net named as Anvil by Triangle Microworks. the trial softw Ntp blue 21 Feb 13 C. tiwari
997IEC 61850 Siumulator Ed2 blue 14 Feb 13 K. Shah
664Specification of IEC 61850 Ed2 blue 14 May 10 V. Bhardwaj
629breaker Command execution Ed2 blue 17 Dec 08 D. Thakker
463Class A and B disturbances Ed2 white part 35.8 15 Jan 07 R. Schimmel
434Tissue 173 has dire impacts on SCL Ed2 blue 26 Oct 06 H. Falk
316report message frame Ed2 blue p.83 of -7-2 and p.53~54 of -8- of -7-2 and 17.2.1 of -8- of -7-2 and 17.2.1 of -8-1 24 Apr 06 Z. l
282Status Information doubt Ed2 blue 15 Jan 06 A. Rivas
271Namespace for ACSI Ed2 on hold 11 Dec 05 Editors Group
244Station Level Local mode Ed2 blue 24 Oct 05 P. Martin
184Client discovery of setting group object list Ed2 blue 12 Aug 05 S. Klein
179IED parameters not exposed in object models Ed2 red 04 Aug 05 S. Klein
173Ctl modelling harmonization Ed2 green 27 Jun 05 W. Wimmer
160Pulse configuration Ed2 red RREC, PTRC, DPC 02 May 05 K. Brand
146CtxInt Ed2 green 02 Apr 05 Editors Group
141name length, object reference Ed2 green 01 Apr 05 Editors Group


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